Friday, April 29, 2011

Marilyn Tisdale

My Darling Allie,

What Caitlyn has done breaks my heart, but how can I let you go? You have always been such a dear child! So sweet and loving, with a bit of spirit too. Now I've already said all that I can in hope that you will stay, but now that you are opening this letter, you are already gone.

But even as the train takes you farther and father away from me and all your troubles here in Boston, do not forget that your father and I love you and pray for you constantly, Darling Girl! Do not forget us as you make a life for yourself in California. We are bound by flesh and blood and can never be parted in that sense, but don't let us slip from your mind, even if you must banish all thoughts of Caitlyn.

The package attached to my letter contains a bottle of that cologne I like so much. I hope it is a pleasant reminder every time your wear it. Remember not to be beautiful for anyone but your husband-to-be. If it helps, remember, "least said, soon mended," "grin and bear it," and all those other things I said to you growing up.

I love you more than words can express, Allison.

All my love,


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