Monday, April 25, 2011

Allison "Sonny" Emilia Tisdale

 February, 1874
Dearest Diary,

I'm not quite sure why Caitlyn is the way she is. We're twins. Shouldn't we be more alike than different? Caitlyn seems to be everything I'm not. She's without scruples, a liar, and O dear me! Yes! A tramp!

For years, it didn't really matter so much that we were so different. I wouldn't have been happy, but I could have lived taking the blame for her escapades. But then the trouble she got into became so much more serious. She began to drink - something a lady should never do - and flirt with men so beneath her. Caitlyn does everything she can now to bring shame to poor Papa, and I have no idea why! Why dear Caitlyn? Why?

She cut bangs, so that her hair looks like mine now. I'm not sure how anyone will be able to tell us apart.It doesn't help that I caught her with my beau last night. I'll confront her when she gets home. She's been gone all night! Oh! What has Caitlyn done now? I'm sure to be blamed since she was with my beau and she looks just like me. She's never stooped this low.

What will I do? I say now that I'll confront her, but when she comes laughing through the door, I'll freeze, completely terrified to say anything. Mamma and Papa will know I'm innocent, but what of everyone else? I'll probably run. That's what I'll do. How will I explain this to everyone? I don't want to explain to everyone. Explaining means exposing Caitlyn for the tramp she is. I still love Caitlyn. I won't do that to her - even if she would do it to me. I'll just leave and start over somewhere. I'm of marriageable age. I'll be fine. I hope. 


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