Monday, July 29, 2013

Trudging Along

Oh! For a minute, let's pretend writing comes easily.

I suppose the minute's over. Now, if I'm honest, sometimes it really does... but then comes editing. Editing is when I get slowed down. Especially since this is the first manuscript I'd really like to get published. I've heard the first one always gets the most effort. Though I really don't care to count, I think I've rewritten the beginning of this one far too many times and now I'm rewriting the ending. So much for having a lazy summer.

Having just returned from a camping trip, but mind is all ablaze with ideas... for the sequel. If only life handed me sugar instead of lemons. Humpf. Oh well. I'm making lemonade now. I could do so much more with sugar though! I could get this ending taken care of!

Well, writer friends, here's to you! We're in camaraderie, aren't we? Here's to plugging through the drudgery of editing. Somehow, we survive and keep moving forward. The end is in sight, but the last miles are rather tiring.