Monday, May 2, 2011

Ian McConnell

April 16, 1872

I went to check Sam's sprain today. Turns out he didn't follow my instructions and went to work the following day regardless. It's now twice the size it was when he first came in. I really had to work hard not to pull out my hair. The man is as dense as can be!

While I unbound the ankle and checked it, Sam when on and on about his bet. His friends had been jesting with him earlier in the week about eastern women. Somehow they came to the conclusion that Sam could never land one if he tried and they made a bet of it. Sam must have gained an eastern bride if he won the bet. He kept using the name Allison. That must be the poor lady's name.

Sam's ankle should be fine if he stays off it now - he can't exactly stand on it anyhow - it should be fully healed given a week. If Sam can't stay off it, I'd expect no less than two weeks recovery.

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