Saturday, April 23, 2011

North Bloomfield, California

I'd like to introduce you to the setting of my newest, nameless project (I have yet to think of a title). North Bloomfield is a ghost town of sorts in Nevada County (Northern CA). I've had the privilege of visiting the town once, and would like to do so again before I complete the manuscript.

Mrs. Evelyn Davis' home, where much of the story takes place, is a fictional place in the town, but you will find that the Mercantile/General Store, McKillican's, is a real place. It went through several name changes during the life of the town and closed around 1910 I believe - I'll have to check my research.

If you're trying to picture North Bloomfield, start with how you would imagine a mining town, faded clapboard buildings and bustling dirt streets. Now add some evergreen and deciduous trees - there is a lot of color in the fall. If you travel a few miles west, you will find Malakoff Diggins, a hydraulic mine with high pressure monitors blasting water at the hillsides. If any man gets in the way of those streams of water, he'll be blown away and badly injured.

I hope that I have given you a mental image of where I am placing Allison Tisdale and Ian McConnell. I'll tell you a bit more about my characters later. For now, all you need know, is that Allison is a naive eastern miss turn mail order bride, and Ian is a doctor who can't seen to decide who his father is. And I hope I don't confuse you too much when I throw Sonny McConnell on the scene!

North Bloomfield/Malakoff Diggins

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