Thursday, August 1, 2013

Prairie Song

book cover

 Mona Hodgson has another book coming out in just a few days... August 6th to be exact... and I just finished reading it a little while back, so I thought I'd tell ya'll a little bit about it.

Personally, Mona is an expert at taking you back in time... not to simpler times, not by a long shot! But most definitely to "days gone by." She's personally told me about her historical explorations and this lovely lady puts a lot of work into making a story come to life!

Well, let's kick things off by saying that this book follows two women, primarily Anna, who has quite the hero complex. Anna's bravado revolves around saving her mother from her grief induced alcoholism and in order to so that, she must take her mother and grandfather west with the Boones Lick Wagon Company, where unbeknowst to her, the biggest risk to her mother's secret is in the form of a man who works the wagon company that she just can't stay away from!

a wagon train
In order for a story to be good, a character must risk what they want most in order to gain what they really need. And in Prairie Song, I believe Mona masters this!

It's a very sweet story that will keep you coughing/laughing into your hands all the way through. Irony has a way of doing that!

History buffs will love it! Mona cleverly paints a picture of life on the trail for these pioneers and immigrants, discussing family rolls, hardships and even food!

example of a Conestoga Wagon

a pioneer family