Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I've been working on developing Ian's character over the past week, and I think I want to give him a horse. All western doctors need a horse with a personality - at least, that's my opinion.

This is my horse... Flea

She's got more personality than any other horse I know, and I think I'm gonna model Ian's horse after her. Flea is an extremely spirited Arab, and put simply, you just have to love her for who she is. If she doesn't like something, she tosses her head and puts up a fight, and she loved to have her shoulders, neck and chest itched. If you're not itching the right spot, she sways back and forth. It's a rather funny sight.

It'll be interesting to see how Ian's horse turns out. Throw some horse names my way that I can use!

1 comment:

  1. Horse names: Agape, Sage, Saxon, Petal, Pharaoh, Glory, Gent, Malibu, Zuma, Moonshine, Mystery, Joy and Hershey :)