Saturday, May 21, 2011

A scene that isn't working

I am working on a scene is Allison's story. But the creative flow just isn't happening. Have you ever had the desire to write, but whatever you write just doesn't sound right?

At the moment, I'm working on a scene that takes place after an argument. The scene is awkward in itself.

While sitting down for "dinner" - meaning lunch - Evelyn asks Ian to ask the blessing over the meal. For reasons that would give away the story, I cannot explain why Ian is reluctant to do as she asks. Evelyn blows up at Ian over the issue. As the room grows deadly quiet, Ian is called away to attend to a drunk who has tipped his buggy and the lady with him. Evelyn and Allison, who sat quiet and uncomfortable throughout the entire exchange, finished their dinner in silence.

The following scene is the one that bothers me. The purpose of the scene is for Evelyn to give hint at Ian's sorry past. At the moment, I have them washing the dishes, making small talk as Evelyn sweeps the arguement under the rug. Allison is extremely uncomfortable with the way Evelyn and Ian don't resolve their arguement.

If you have any ideas for this scene, let me know =)

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