Friday, November 6, 2015


I've heard it said that we spend our whole lives searching for something. That person believed it was normalcy and happiness. But not just a feeling of happiness, but that moment where we learn what "happy" means. For most of us, it's a moment of peace we experience early on in life. A sense of "normal and good." We spend the rest of our lives trying to get back to that moment. To reclaim it.

I'd like to think that we're all searching for a place to belong. And belonging comes in so many different forms - with a person, in a place, or in having a sense of purpose. But we all crave it. To not belong, is to be on the outside, alone, and excluded.

Funny thing though, Every now and then, I find with taste of "belonging," and it's the most beautiful thing in the world. And sometimes I recognize it in other people who've found where they belong. And yet we're afraid to spoil it. Or we question it to death until we run away from it because logic - or the devil, I'm certain he loves to thwart "belonging"  - tells us that its too good to be true, or maybe our happiness has blinded us and it's not as "right" as we think it is.

Strange to ever imagine someone running from "belonging." And yet we do it all the time.

Human nature is a funny thing.

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