Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Out on the floor I can see you smilin'
feet keepin' time
your partners seem sweet
But, Oh won't you dance... with me?
Ask me to dance
ask me to sway
I've been waiting all night just to hear you say
Oh won't you dance... with me.
Sure looks to me like you dressed up tonight
eyes shinin' bright
your hair done up swell
So, Oh won't you dance... with me?

Though it seems strange, I've eyes only for you
my feet are turned left
bu I'll give you my best
Please won't you dance... with me?

Take up my hand and we'll give it a try. This dance is just for you. Oh please sway with me?

Dance with me, dance with me, please won't you dance?

Emily Bergstrom


  1. I like you poem Emily...I can see the couple on the dance floor as you speak...
    you did a great job on Mona's book review, I dabble in short stories and poetry myself so doing the reviews was my little part into writing..
    come visit my blog sometime,Paula's thoughts..

    enjoyed being a part of Mona's team with ya...

    1. thank you =) I've always liked writing (mostly fiction) but lyrics and poems are fun when the inspiration hits me. It was a pure joy to work with you and the others for Mona on her book promotion!