Thursday, June 13, 2013


One of the perks of being a writer and knowing other writers, is I get to pitch in every now and then with their writing careers.

Mona Hodgson, a very sweet lady and good friend of mine from Mt. Hermon has allowed me to read a per-release copy of her book, "Prairie Song." It won't be out in your local book store for a while yet, but if I know Mona, this story is going to be just as sweet and "sigh-incurring" as her Cripple Creek series.

Before I can say anything in particular about this fantastic little book, I have to finish reading it. But if you like wagon trails and quilting... she has three e-book novellas that come before Prairie Song that you can find on amazon. I give her stories flying colors if you are in the mood for a cute historical romance.

find it on amazon kindle

find it on amazon kindle

find it on amazon kindle


  1. Nice comments Emily, I want to write a little about Mona and her work before I delve into "Prairie Song", I wish that I were more tech savvy. I do lot of copy and pasting now but need to learn more.
    Paula O(
    launch-team member

    1. blogger makes adding links pretty easy. I know some html from a class I took in high school, but blogger does it for me thanks to the blog toolbar. I uploaded the photos from amazon then added links using the toolbar as well.