Friday, August 21, 2015

Christian Hypocrites

You can't go on facebook or anything of the like without running into rampant posts about surfacing accusations of Christian celebrities. I'll get onto idolatry at another time. And to be completely honest, the more articles I read, the more my heart breaks. I read angry comments from other viewers who seem to be loosing their faith in humanity and God right alongside angry Christian defenders who hurl back insults along with the best of them. Some even outright deny the accusations.

To be honest, I can't deny what's happened, some have issued statements confirming the accusation. I wish I could say these people perfectly model the Christian life - but they don't. But I never put much stock in modeling my life after other Christians. The best statement I've ever heard is, "follow me as I follow Christ." And that's the real heart of Christianity and discipleship, even as we encourage one another, we should never look to people as our examples, rather, Christ is the only perfect executer of all that is good - love, grace, justice, peace.

All that leads me to my real point.

While the Christian world mourns it's fallen figure-heads, I think we need to step back from our idolatry and remember that we're all sinners under grace.

And you may or may not know this, but the Church ISN'T A MUSEUM FOR SAINTS. In fact, if we were to try and build one, not one Christian would completely measure up to the standard. In reality, the whole reason we need Christ, is the fact that we aren't perfect. And needing God isn't a one time thing that happens when you accept his gift of grace. I ALWAYS NEED GOD. There's never a moment where I can do life on my own. I'm utterly dependent on him.

If it were just me, I would say and do whatever came to mind. Life would revolve around my happiness - forget taking the time to help the people around me.

Confession: When I forget to read my Bible, when I forget to pray or listen in church - if I hide away and get wrapped up in my own needs and wants - sin gets ahold of my life.

And to be honest - it's embarrassing.

By taking on the title of "Christian," I feel an enormous pressure to live up to the name of Christ. So when sin has a foothold in my life, the only response I have is to hide. To put on a good face, to look "right."

And let's face facts, I can imagine that's pretty similar to the Josh Duggar case.

It's a big lump of shame, hiding and pretending.

But don't we all do that in our own way?

That's life when we forget to depend on Christ for our strength. Our own strength just isn't enough.

So church, let's turn our attention away from these other Christians, and take a good look at our own spiritual lives. Because they are accountable before God, NOT US. And they should never have been your heroes of the faith in the first place. They're just human.

Because Church is a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints. We're all a little broken.

But isn't that the whole reason Christ came?

Don't forget to put your trust and reliance on God today.

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