Sunday, January 12, 2014

Remembering My Childhood Through Theirs

Someday I think our house will be exciting again... Lindsey and Nate were here today and all the legos, dolls, dresses and animals came out of hiding. Once again they were loved and played with and treated as something exciting and special. As I put the dolls away and the baby crib back into place, I started to picture grandchildren in this home, playing with all of our well-loved childhood momentos. Many of these things I'd forgotten about. But when Linds and Nate came to play, once again I recalled what fun I used to have before I grew up. 
I'm not so good at playing anymore, but I love remembering. I love bringing out the toys for them, making hot chocolate, and listening to their stories. 

Lindsey wanted to play Barbie Horse Adventure, a game I used to play at her age. But it was getting late and they were leaving soon. Still, hearing her beg to play made me remember playing the game at my grandparents house. She made me remember playing at Christiana's house and knowing our parents would often talk for hours, hearing them say, "we'll leave in just a minute," always used to mean, "we'll probably leave in about another hour or so." I wonder if Lindsey thought the same?

My own childhood is over. But I can't wait to be a mom someday and watch someone else's childhood begin. I can't wait to pass on my beloved toys. I'm excited to remember my childhood through theirs.

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  1. Emily, you have a perspective that I did not possess at your age. Gratefully, I am now old enough to have experienced these things, and as you suppose, it is wonderful. My grandkids play with the dolls of my youth and the furniture my Mom made for us. Thanks for sharing.