Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sick Days

I suppose some might say that sick days are their most productive days for writing. This is not so for me, at least, not when I'm truly and honestly sick. When I am only slightly touched with something, I can pound out pages, but when I've REALLY got something, I can't type a word.

I suppose that's a bit of a contradiction considering I'm still in the thick of whatever I've got (I think it's a variation of the flu) and I have managed to write this. Anyways...

Mt. Hermon is still on my list of things I am praying that I will be able to do this spring. I don't have a class the first day of the conference, so I feel like God is orchestrating things perfectly for me to be able to go. I still have a bit more fundraising to do.

I'm a scatterbrain. That wasn't the point of this post. I could delete it, but my style to to simply write whatever flops out of my head. The POINT is, I'm working on getting my pre-conference manuscript together. Bah. That's a laugh. I am not a big fan of editing my own work. It take a lot of effort. I only have about two weeks to get myself together and well, I'm lazy. I could be utilizing my sick day to get work done, and instead, I am choosing to sleep. The more favorable of the two options right now.

Well, like I said, while some say sick days are highly productive, I must counteract that by proclaiming that if you are TRULY sick, you will find them to be your least productive.

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