Friday, June 1, 2012

Aura Lee

Very little has been said about Aura Lee (the story of Allison and Ian) for quite some time. I've loaded you up with information about North Bloomfield and Nevada City etc. But I really haven't updated you on the story. To start off, let me say that any of the short, diary-like entries are no longer relevant to the current story. It has changed and evolved rather drastically over the last year. And I must admit, that unless you are on my list of close friends who get to check for plot problems and typos... I'm not going to give anything away. What you are allowed to know is that the story is about Allison Tisdale and Ian McConnell and takes place in North Bloomfield, California. That's it.

Now for the real reason why I finally chose to say something about the story... I have exciting news =) Very exciting news. Here it is... I FINISHED. The rough draft is completely done.

So there you have it... that's my news and that's what's happening in my story. Even more recently though, I've starting telling Abby Kramer's Cinderella-type story with Allison's brother, Brenton Tisdale.

So, I'll say it again... that's all you get =) have a nice summer. I'm sure I'll post some other things before I take off for college in August. And even after that, I'll make sure you know what's happening with my writing. lol. okay, I'm done.

God Bless.


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