Saturday, December 3, 2011

His Sweet Christin

I just got my wisdom teeth out... ironically, they do not give me the wisdom to write novels. But with them out, I haven't gained any wisdom either.

Over the past few days, I have written very little, but I have suffered a bit of writers' block lately in the first place. A sore mouth hasn't helped. But in spite of a lack of writing ability, I have managed to get back to work on an early piece. Do you recall my "Spring Valley Girls" series? I published "Into Astrid's Heart" some time ago, and recently, I have gotten back to working on "His Sweet Christin." Forgive me that I have skipped "Lucia's Story." That manuscript is finished, but I have decided to publish it following this one because of the timeline of the stories. Lucia's Story overlaps Into Astrid's Heart as well as His Sweet Christin.

I truly hope that you enjoy His Sweet Christin one it is available on amazon. look for it by the beginning of the new year!


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