Monday, June 27, 2011

Nevada City

I spent the afternoon walking the inclined streets of Nevada City. Mining relics line the streets and historic buildings keep you moving forward. I kept my eyes open, searching for building that would have existed during the time period I'm writing in.

I peeked into the National hotel and took pictures of the items they had on display. It's been some time since I saw it last. My fresh eyes will better be able to describe it's "L" shaped staircase adjacent to the front entrance and the long, hallway shape to the lobby.

I took pictures of the other buildings, including the church, the Mason's building and one I believe was firehouse.

I discovered that the "Carriage House" was much too far for Allison to walk to - she would have had to send a note =)

Tomorrow we're on our way to North Bloomfield itself. I've been eating up any literature or photographs I can find of the town, but being able to stand in the middle of Main Street and ask all the questions that I long to have answered will be exciting. Allison, Ian and Evelyn are becoming more and more alive!

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